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  • Hi - Can I please get an update on the status of this feature - it's been requested multiple times for a long time and it's crazy that some sort of basic texture management system still has not been implemented yet from within Enscape.

    When working from more than one PC (desktop and laptop) having to constantly reimport textures is insane. Setting up some sort of common shared mapped drive for texture locations is also unsustainable and impractical.

    All that needs to be implemented is a Sub-folder linking strategy similar to Adobe InDesign whereby the textures live in the file location directory upwards, and Enscape can flag and relink as required on request.


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    Thanks a lot for your feedback.

    I've brought this up once more to product management very recently and I can say that it's definitely not a forgotten topic. At the moment though I'm afraid I cannot specify when we will implement anything along those lines of a file path editor, or a way to package a scene overall with all its materials and so forth, but I'll make sure to update you and everyone else asking for this in case there'll be any news in the not so distant future.

    I reckon you've done this already, but feel free to also forward any other additional input via our roadmap portal which will be seen by product management too.

    And if there are any questions or inquiries that come up otherwise please let me know!