How to avoid light leaks in SketchUp ceiling recessed area?

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  • Hello, everyone. I’m working on an interior design project using SketchUp and I’m having some trouble with the ceiling design. I want to create a recessed area for profile light or rope light, but the recessed area gets brighter even though I haven’t used any light source for that area. It looks like there is some light leaking from the ceiling geometry.

    I tried to fix this problem by creating a new file and remodeling the ceiling, but the problem persists. I also checked the thickness of the ceiling and the size of the ground plane, but they seem to be fine. I don’t know what else to do to solve this issue. DogNeedsBest

    Has anyone encountered this problem before? How did you fix it? Do you have any tips or suggestions on how to avoid light leaks in the SketchUp ceiling recessed area? I would appreciate any help or guidance.

    Thank you!

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    Hi BookerE1 and welcome to our Forum!

    Right away it would be great if you could just share a few screenshot examples of this behavior so that we can see the light leaks in context with your scene. Furthermore does it make a difference if you adjust the time of day so that for example no sunlight (or daylight) is hitting the ceiling directly?

    Generally it usually helps when the affected geometry is modified to be at least thicker than a single face (next to ideally using ray-traced sun shadows which may not be supported by your machine?), but as you mentioned you tried that already please feel free to share the scene itself or an affected part of it for me to check out. Let me know if possible and I'll provide you with an upload link via a private message right away.

    Last but not least as a workaround you may also try adding a secondary ceiling (with a bit of height) just slightly above your existing one to see if that changes the outcome. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!