Lights in Rhino

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  • I spent half a day now, to get into lighting in enscape with rhino.... but without success.

    Is there any tutorial, knowledge base or something else, I can get information?

    It seems, lighting only with rhino objects is hardly possible, there are tons of factors I dont understand.

    Sometimes the intensity of 1 is enough, even too high. Sometimes at 100 oder 1.000 there is no effect visible.

    Which role does the distance of the light to an objects playing? At which amount it disappears?

    Is there a difference between a file with meter or millimeters as units?

    I have the current version, I have Rhino 6 and I tested with the default settings around midnight, to neglect enscape light and I was using either rectangular and spot lights.

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    Hey W1MUC , thanks a lot for your feedback. There are of course differences in lighting intensity when you put light sources in a 150mm x 150mm or 150m x 150m box. It is generally advised to keep sizes as realistic (true to life) as possible (150m x 150m is rather large so you'd have to turn up the light intensity substantially to see a result), to also achieve realistic lighting. Does this pose a hindrance to you in any way?

    Furthermore, I'm afraid, there is currently no dedicated Rhino-Enscape lights knowledgebase article, but if you have any further specific questions please let me know. :)