Collaboration -> relative texture path option

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  • rant on/

    This is another desperate try to bring some attention to this issue:

    It is 2024, 3 years have passed without any reaction from the Enscape team.

    Here is the problem in a nutshell again:

    We need an option to be able to collaborate with other enscape operators / clients who are not on the same local network.

    For us the main problem here is, that textures used by Enscape materials in a scene are not incorporated in the Rhino file.

    Therefore if a client wants to open an Rhino / Enscape file, the materials are broken.

    I already completely gave up the hope that we will get a halfway professional asset management system, like many other SW has.

    However the least thing you guys could do would be to incorporate a standard, relative path from the root folder where the Rhino file is located e.g. "/textures"

    If that is too hard to do give us at least an absolute path like "C:\Program Files\Enscape\textures" !

    This way we would at least be able to put all used textures there and tell the other person to do the same.

    Of course this is a rather futile approach in times where everybody is working cloud based, but it would be better than having what we have now (nothing!)

    I really hope that this post will somehow reach someone with the background to get the importance of this,

    if Enscape has the aspiration to be more than a semi professional engine used by individual users or groups on the same network.

    rant off/