Enscape Export rendering not saving properly

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  • Does anyone experience problem with saving the renderings when export?

    Enscape can render the view. Before rendering it will ask where to save and then start rendering, but the image was never saved.
    i have try setting default folder, when export, it will still asked where to save it, this time it will save to the default folder. However, the file will be named "A". and for the rest of the exprots, no matter the default folder is checked, or unchecked, when render starts, it will ask where to save, start rendering, and save it to the same folder which has set as default folder before, and keeping over riding "A" as the file, without asking if it can override it.

    I have tried to export renderings from multiple model files, problem remain the same.

    is it a glitch or some setting needs to be reset as default? Enscape was working fine after i updatead to 3.5.6+204048 a few weeks ago, but it just stop saving starting this week. I am using Rhino 7.

    Appreciate if anyone has insight and solutions. thank you

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    Hi Aliceinthewonderland , I'm sorry to hear about this.

    Right away you can try to simply reset the current Visual Settings (presets) you're making use of - Should that make no difference what so ever on this behavior you detailed please kindly submit this behavior via a feedback report as well as detailed here. This will transfer all your machine information, necessary log files, current settings used and more to our technical support team directly for further analysis. In the submission form itself you can simply copy what you've shared here already.

    Feel free to also let me know once sent in and thank you in advance.

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    Aliceinthewonderland , just so you know you can also install our latest Preview 6 of Enscape 4.0 which generally includes further bug fixes in regards to overall daily use. As long as you're currently not having to produce renderings for a client under any heavy time pressure or so and have some leeway feel free to give it a try.

    Our latest preview can always be acquired directly here, our latest announcement post is found here and last but not least please also ensure that you fully uninstall Enscape 3.5.6 from your machine before installing Enscape 4.0 Preview 6 as there will be problems otherwise.

    This is just optional but again something you might be interested in trying. If you experience any oddities or further problems within that preview let us know anytime of course.

    Alternatively you can also wait for a further response via the feedback report I've requested if you wish to stay on 3.5.6.