Replace Enscape asset in plan view only?

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  • Hello everyone, Enscape is an amazing renderer, but the way its assets are presented in technical drawings as low-poly triangulated meshes just ruins the plans.

    I saw that in :revit: you could assign an asset to a family, so that it renders properly in Enscape but it takes the look of that family in plans only, instead of the default proxy triangulated mesh.

    is there a way to do the same thing in :archicad: ? thanks in advance.

  • I have been doing my own "HACKS" for this for the past 3 or so years... I did mention this to Enscape way back when... but didn't catch any traction.

    While this is not SANCTIONED in any way, here's what I do...

    It's been mostly for trees and plants as their 2d symbols tend to want to be pretty generic.

    Once an asset is placed in a plan file, you can OPEN OBJECT like any other object.

    1. I have a SUBTYPE that I apply to it to bring in all the needed PARAMETERS

    2. I BOOTLEG the AC27 TREE SYMBOL (2d only version), but have to build the SELECTORS into each asset

    3. Again, by having a SNIPPET of the scripts saved locally, this becomes a matter of cut/paste.

    4. see the screen shot for a quick sample

    This required GDL, but mostly because I wanted to have a way to select different symbols each time..

    You could use the same principle, but just DRAW your 2d in the 2d symbol window...

    You will need to DELETE the 2d script AND you will need to know where and how big the abject is coming from 3d (so they align)

    You can do this by calling up the ASSETS 3d window (in the object editor) and hitting the COPY TO 2d button.

    Lastly, you can USE these modified versions by simply copying them to any other file..

    The actual ENSCAPE version comes from their library via that long ASSET ID #... so that doesn't change.

    I totally agree that this could be easily achieved at the ENSCAPE level... but then they are into becoming graphic designers and adding another level to the "FEEDBACK" expected..

  • I am with you Duane on this... Enscape is a software that is integrated as a "muscled" plugin to our tool of preference in this case ArchiCAD. and most, or at least part of us, are using Enscape because WE prefer to stay inside or design/BIM tool.. So I do feel the need of some changes on Enscape towards this direction, more BIM related. This example of trees and bushes is perfect for this. Having a great library of them on Enscape is great, really good, but WE are not making renders only. Plans, sections and other drawings should have these Enscape assets ready to be also correctly viewed outside the render or 3d window.

    This snippet/gdl workaround is just that... us making it around. Again it would be great a seamless integration of objects from Enscape library to sections, plans, elevations and other technical drawings...

    Thanks, cheers!