[ERROR] Could not detect file format from filename

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  • I am trying to create a screenshot and save it. The Save Screenshot dialog opens and I browse to the location to save. Enscape appears to render the screenshot. In windows file explorer Home screen, the file shows on the the recent file list however the file doesn't exist in the save location. Clicking on recent file file tells me the file may have been moved or deleted. Looking in the Enscape logs I see the line

    "3-20 14:41:01.113 b380 [ERROR] Could not detect file format from filename:" and then the file path without the file name and extension. This is followed by

    "3-20 14:41:01.114 b380 [WARN] Screenshot failed to save capture to the file!

    3-20 14:41:01.115 b380 [INFO] [Capture] Finished with result:0 capturing took: 12 s"

    Above this I see where the screenshot begins with

    "3-20 14:40:51.166 b380 [INFO] [Capture] Start: Type: 2 SaveOutput: 1 Path: "File Path without file name and extension" HQ: 1 FixedFPS: 0 StartKeyframeIdx: 0"

    What is going on that I can't save a screenshot?

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    Hi MichaelRensing , thanks for your report and I'm sorry to hear about this.

    Right away, does it make a difference if you simply change the image file type or name itself before exporting your screenshot? For example, does saving the screenshot as a .jpg file (instead of .png), named "screenshot" or some other simple name make any difference? Perhaps once you change the directory to somewhere else like your Desktop or Pictures location in Windows for example this behavior get resolved?

    Yet another alternative to try would be activating "Automatic Naming" and setting your "Default folder" to any directory you have full access to (read/write permissions):

    Otherwise if trying the above does not help with this behavior what so ever please also submit a feedback report including log files and ideally let me know once sent in so that I can have a look right away.

    Thank you very much in advance!