More plant species suggestions

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  • Hello from Australia as well!

    I'm an architect in Melbourne using Enscape in Rhino and Revit and am often looking for a very consistent set of trees for all the projects i'm working on, which i cannot find anywhere else on the internet.

    Would you potentially be able to develop some (or all :thumbsup:) of these, please?

    Eucalyptus (Yellow Box) *most common

    Platanus (London Plane and Cyprus Plane) *most common

    Ulmus (Elm) *most common

    Corymbia (Spotted Gum) *most common

    Acacia (Black/Lightwood/Golden/Silver Wattle) *most common

    Quercus (Pin Oak)

    Allocasuarina (Drooping Sheoak)

    Ficus (Moreton Bay Fig)

    Melaleuca (Snow-in-Summer)

    Angophora (Smooth-barked Apple)…s-Urban-Forest-/fp38-wiyy

    It would be greatly appreciated!



  • Demian Gutberlet Apologies for the double up of threads, but saw that you were forwarding on tree species asset requests in another similar thread and thought i'd draw your attention over here for the Australian folk in the Enscape world!

    If you'd be able to forward along any of this information to the asset library development team, that would be greatly appreciated!



  • Thanks a lot houseofmanuela and beardface00 , I've forwarded your asset wishes accordingly! :)

  • Just from recent projects, I would really like to see some hedge planting: eg Privit, beech, juniper.

    I would prefer if these were squarer volumes for linear placing, perhaps a messy/natural form and a neat/trimmed form?

    (My 'normal' technique is to use the volume part of a tree and shape it, then randomly orientate the foliage along a line.)

  • Gadget , forwarded your wishes, thanks! :)

  • melaleuca is a good edge material around here at Iberian peninsula.

    eucalyptus, either...

    some extra juniperos and/or cupressus, like de sempervirens, encountered at the Mediterranean area, would be nice either!!!

  • Trees with less dense canopies... Thinking of MESQUITE / PEPPER...

    Also, since they are not STRETCHABLE, a variety of sizes would be helpful.. Maybe about 6' increments of canopy diameter... with commensurate heights...

    I have to say that having trees longer trunks than normal works great for me as it's easy to vary the heights by sticking them futher in the ground. (I don't typically need to see the TRUNK FUNNEL)…

    Someday, though.... looking forward to stretchy assests.

    I imagine the reason we don't now is the texture mapping???


  • Would be absolutely fantastic to get Australian trees!!!!!!

  • hi, need more trees, garden trees and bushes, for example: fir(spruce), apple tree, cedar,cherrytree, plum tree, ash, pink almond, barberry (red, yellow, green) and other european garden vegetations. Thx

  • Hi, I'd love to see more plant assets for Vectorworks version. As a garden designer for often relatively small and urban gardens, having loads of huge mature trees isn't that helpful, but I'd love to see more things like commonly used shrubs, perennials, even bulbs, and for trees more small garden trees and 'standard' form trees like olive trees and oleander. Things that come to mind in small plants are things like lavender, hydrangeas, alliums, hostas, agapathus, iris, tulips etc. i.e. things you commonly see in domestic gardens.

    Would also be great to have some 'generic' trees shaped in pleached form for garden privacy.


  • Привет, я хотел бы увидеть больше растительных активов для версии Vectorworks. Как садовый дизайнер для часто относительно небольших и городских садов, наличие множества огромных зрелых деревьев не так уж полезно, но я хотел бы видеть больше таких вещей, как обычно используемые кустарники, многолетники, даже луковицы, а для деревьев-более мелкие садовые деревья и "стандартные" деревья формы, такие как оливковые деревья и олеандр. В маленьких растениях на ум приходят такие вещи, как лаванда, гортензии, аллиумы, хосты, агапатусы, ирисы, тюльпаны и т. д. то есть то, что вы обычно видите в домашних садах.

    Также было бы здорово иметь несколько "родовых" деревьев, сформированных в форме мольбы для уединения сада.