Enscape 4.0 Released

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    I have 24gb vram and 128gb system ram, yet on a scene that is around a mile long and wide with only Enscape vegetation, wind off it consumes way too much ram, and then eventually it gets stuck and I need to end task in the taskmaster.

    I cannot share the model as it's part of an upcoming TV show.

    Thanks for the explanation, I'm surprised to see such a high RAM consumption, albeit it's difficult to judge where this could be coming from. A 1 by 1 mile area with tightly placed vegetation assets can of course result in possibly multiple millions of assets, which also will have to be represented in your CAD (Sketchup I believe).

    The improvements I mentioned mostly refer only to VRAM consumption, it seems to be different problem on your end, as the Taskmanager suggests very low VRAM usage at this point.

  • I know it's only a beta, but I'm failing to see the ray trace artificial light feature work at all. If anything, it dramatically reduces the quality of my lighting as it appears to ignore IES data built into my can light family and sharpens the shadows. Turning the feature off seems to fix things.

    As well, it appears to not work for emissive materials, which I use for light strips. I couldn't notice a difference at all for areas where I use lots of emissive light strips, like undercounter lighting or accent lighting in general.

    Image 1 is with the feature turned off, image 2 turned on.

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    IES Profiles are supported with the ray traced artificial lights. I think in this example it's less visible, because the light sources is placed so far into the can itself, that it with the ray traced shadows it now casts a shadow in the upper area. I'd suggest moving the origin of the actual light source directly on the bottom of the can instead to mitigate that. This shadow was previously not visible with the shadow mapped based lighting. Also, if you want to have similar softer shadows as before you can increase the size of the light source - this will now directly correlate to the shadow sharpness, while before it was the same for all light sizes.

    Emissive materials are not handled as direct light sources in Enscape and therefore there's no difference with the setting enabled. However the algorithm implemented for the ray traced artificial lights will indeed allow us to do that in the future, while this will not be possible with the shadow mapping based approach.

  • Alright, I'll try to update the families. It explains why one of my light families looked fine with ray tracing on, while most did not.

    Previously I'd always "embed" the light source within the family geometry as Enscape would ignore any revolve/extrusion piece that the light was sitting in. With ray tracing on, it seems to be that I can't do that anymore and will need to actually have the light source exist outside of geometry.

    The issue is a lot of our lights we use aren't simple down lights... how would you recommend I place the light source for something like the below image? in the past I'd place it in the center of the part that attaches the fixture of the wall, therefore telling enscape too ignore the wall attachment point for shadows. If I can't place the light source within geometry anymore, it'd have to be placed above or below it, but that would throw off the symmetry and introduce shadows from the center piece that attaches to the wall (unless the ray tracing will eliminate the shadows?)

  • Managed to figure out a good method for lighting with the above, just took some trial and error to figure out the best place to put the light source with the new ray tracing.

    However new issue....

    Exports seem to take an extremely long time to do now. Especially panorama. Before I could do a pano and it be done rendering in under a minute. Now it takes almost 5 minutes per panorama, an insane loss in time efficiency.

    EDIT: turning off artificial light ray tracing was the issue. I guess I'll just have to be strategic on how I enable it, as it just takes way too long to export panos otherwise.