Enscape 4.0 for Mac Install Restarted Computer and Wiped All Other Softwares!!!

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  • Hello,

    I just installed the new enscape 4.0 on my 2023 Macbook Pro with M2 Chip. Enscape asked to restart my computer, I allowed it, and when it came back on it has deleted every single software. Vectorwors, Rhino, Autocad, Google Chrome, Photoshop, etc, they are all gone. The only softwares still working are the ones owned by apple.

    The app names are still showing in applications, but when I click to open them a message pops up: The application “(Name of application)” can’t be opened.

    Can somebody help? This is a huge problem ?( help ;(

  • WARNING!!! I downloaded the new enscape 4.0 for Rhino Mac on my Macbook Pro 2023 (M2 chip). When I installed it it asked me to restart my computer. I restarted my computer and it wiped all of my third-party softwares. I have spent the day on the phone with apple who have no solution but to redownload all my softwares. I have downloaded rhino and tried installing enscape to see if it would remove rhino again and it didn't, but enscape is not recognized by rhino.