Enscape window view Space mouse

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  • Hello!

    Nice release, Demian!

    It works (till now ;) ) but some problems using Spacemouse. Inverting check box, semms to be have no effect.

    So, to navigate properly, I have to synchronize with VW Window and act through the VW window.

    What's wrong I do?


    • Official Post

    Maybe I can help out here, I gave it a try with our newest Version under Vectorworks and I was able to invert Spacemouse movement there using the 3dconnexion application.

    For me it looks like this, I click on the Enscape renderer window and get the Enscape3D_Vectorworks application focused in the 3dconnexion application:

    Then when I click on Advanced Settings, I can invert the Spacemouse movement with the Reverse checkboxes under the Speed tab:

    For 4.0, there was a bugfix for our Spacemouse implementation under Vectorworks, so that might be where different behavior is coming from. We are now correctly using the Enscape-under-Vectorworks config file that is shipped as the 3DxWare driver (so in case there are some issues that persist, it could also help updating the 3DxWare driver to the newest version, available here: https://3dconnexion.com/drivers/).

    Does this help with your issue? Or is there a different inversion checkbox that you are referring to that I maybe missed?