Enscape 4.0 wont open in rhino 7

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  • Hello , i just updated my plugin to Enscape 4 and it wount start start inside of rhino. I see the tool bar and everything buy when clicking the start enscape in a window nothing happens . When opening the files that i was working on there seams to be no materials in enscape when i open the material editor. I need to scale back to enscape 3.5 but i dont want to loose all the textures that are installed inside enscape how can i do that ? where are imported textures and all local assets located so i can save them ,

    My license is working and i logged in into my account from enscape in rhino so im not sure whats going on , there are no error messagess .

    Thanks again


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    same here..

    Same here in Mac….

    We're currently investigating the cause behind this specific problem.

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    Any update on this one?

    Please make sure that you are using the latest release of Enscape for Mac which can always be found here - If you still experience this or any other problem kindly reach out to one of our Mac specialists by simply submitting a support report as well. This way we also receive all of your machine information, log files and so forth in order to look into this further.

    Thanks a lot in advance.