Transparent And Emissive Materials Workflow

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  • Just want to make sure I'm understanding the workflows and limitations of Revit materials when it comes to lighting. We often have fancy pendant lights where the external globe isn't 100% transparent glass, but might be frosted or some other translucent material. The perfect scenario would be that we just place a light source inside of the globe, and let the render engine and material illuminate the material, but understand that this isn't how Revit materials/Enscape currently function. So that means that our options are:

    1) put a light source inside the globe and make the globe material both transparent and self-illuminating and play around with the settings. But this ONLY works with the old Revit materials (the ones with the big exclamation mark on the thumbnail that say "update to a newer material for better render results"). There's no way for the newer Revit materials to be both transparent AND emissive. They can be translucent and emissive, but the light sources don't appear to shine through.

    2) put a light source inside the globe and use the newer Revit materials to make the globe transparent but not self-illuminating. Doesn't look the best, but it at least avoids the other issue caused by 1) and 3) i'm about to mention

    3) ignore the light source entirely and rely purely on the emissive material. This is probably fine for these more decorative lights, however, as far as I can tell emissive materials are not treated as "artificial light sources" by Enscape. This means that the there's no way to turn the globes "off". Sometimes we don't want any artificial lighting at all, and so we just drag the slider down. That's great, but there's no way to control the globe material, and having to continually adjust the Revit material itself is a hassle.

    There are other examples where positioning the light source outside of the geometry isn't feasible, so just want to be sure that the current best solution is using the old material with transparency + self-illumination and not having control over the emissive material inside of Enscape. (Working in a variety of other 3D programs we try as much as possible to avoid the old Revit materials, the newer ones are far more standardised and we can replicate materials in other programs with predictable results.)