Revit materials no longer working after 4.0 release

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  • UPDATE: The issue appears to be resolved after moving our textures folder to a location that had less subfolders and so that the overall file path was less than 250 characters. This appears to be an issue with using sharepoint for our texture folder location since sharepoint has a max 250 character limit. Once we reduced the otherall file path length, revit and enscape did not have an issue finding the textures. Why this has been working just fine for the last 3 months after we switched to sharepoint and only now became an issue I don't know.


    As of the 4.0 release most of my revit materials no longer show up in Enscape or in the enscape material editor. All of these materials were working perfectly early last week. I come back Monday and most are no longer showing up in enscape.

    -running revit 2024. I have made no changes to the revit install.

    -Was running Enscape version (3.5.6+202715). I tried updating to the 4.0 release, but that did not fix the issue.

    -I have checked my materials to make sure they are generic materials.

    -I have tried re-mapping the file path to the texture folder location in the revit material editor.

    -i have double checked that the additional rendering appearance path is set correctly.

    -These revit materials no longer show up in the enscape material editor.

    -A few of my revit materials are showing up just fine.

    EDIT: The only fix so far is to create a brand new generic material apperance and add the textures using the enscape material editor. If I try to use revit's material editor it won't pull the textures, and if after adding textures in the enscape I try to manipulate the material in revit's editor it breaks the texture link again. I'm basically having to completely recreate my material library, which is a huge amount of work on my part since we have a lot of custom materials.

  • May be a Windows character limit. It's happened with custom assets (and long file locations name + asset name).

    yes, seems to be an issue with using sharepoint for our server. Moving the textures folder to a location with a much shorter file path name length and then adding that new location to the additional rendering paths has been the easiest fix so far.

  • I am having a kind of similar issue. I have Revit 2025 installed at work with Enscape 4.0. All works fine with materials. Brand new pc at home with Revit 2025 and Enscape 4.0 installed. Some Revit materials show as grey (at home with new pc) like oak flooring and asphalt roofing along with grass. I can load my custom assets and those are fine. Phasing is correct so this is making me think there is some path issue on my home pc? I actually installed Revit 2024 at home too thinking maybe I was missing a material library with new install and no prior Revit versions but nope. Yes the Enscape materials do work. Just a bit frustrating.