Enscape Materials lose assets when Worksharing

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  • We've been working on a large project featuring multiple building types designed across revit and sketchup - great feature of enscape is being able to export material packages from the sketchup version for use in the revit version. However, since enscape saves all assets locally these materials break every time another user opens up our workshared model! We've been exporting material packages for each material at the end of a session and then importing them as we need to check on views and facade palettes but it's a huge time sink and wildly inefficient.

    Is there really no fix to this? No way to enable embedded materials or at least ensure that materials are read from our shared drive rather than local storage? This is a problem I've come into with the rhino version too, where we lose materials every time another user attempts to open a model with enscape materials. The commitment to local storage makes collaborative work incredibly difficult. Any help will be appreciated.

  • It's through the Revit > Options menu. The official name is 'Additional Render Asset Paths' if you want to go on a deep dive. Basically put all the images into a shared folder that everyone has access to and make sure they have that folder added to the additional paths. Revit will search in that folder and replace missing images if they have the same name.

    We've done a little work on our materials set up recently though, a few things to keep in mind if you go this route:

    • Having too many additional render asset paths can cause big performance issues when navigating the material browser, something to do with all the queries that the program is sending out and searching for, I won't pretend to know anything more than that. We originally had folders for different categories but now opt for one master folder, purely due to the performance issue
    • It can't search inside of subfolders. This means you have to have every material in the one folder, there's no real option for organisation beyond file naming. It's... annoying.
    • Depending on where the shared path is located, it's possible that users still technically have a local pathway to that folder. If so, every user will need to individually have their 'shared' file path added to their options (i.e. there's no way to automatically add the path to all users in the company, if the folder is a shared folder with local pathing.)

    Depending on how the shared path is setup there might be better ways though. (e.g. Google Drive paths can be common between users so just dump everything in the project folder, Autodesk Drive paths can't :cursing:)

  • Thanks, that's all very helpful and I'll give it a shot. We have been using enscape .matpkg files to easily transfer materials between sketchup and revit, so I'm curious how this will work with that but can report back once I've had time to try it out.