Enscape 4.0 - Unwanted viewport synchronisation

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  • Just using the 4.0 trial. The sychronize camera option is quite buggy. No matter what it is set to, enable or disabled, whenever I change a camera in the enscape window, it changes my viewport to the same view. And when I am adjusting things in the rhino viewports, I am switching between top view, perspectives, front etc while enscape is running for me to adjust geometries in realtime. It then keeps switching my enscape viewport the some of the views I am toggling between. I am disabling and enabling the sync it's all the same. It has not effect.

  • Since installing 4.0, we're experiencing a new issue with views in Rhino:

    Both Enscape and Rhino synchronize their viewpoirt if a named view is selected in either of the programs despite synchronized views being turned off

    (e.g. if I select a saved view in Enscape, the Rhino viewport will automatically update to it as well and vice versa). If this is a new feature, can it be turned off somewhere?

    It complicates a lot of workflows like displaying a view in Enscape while adapting it from a different angle in Rhino.


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    Thanks a lot for this report LeonS and jiars , we're already investigating the cause behind this and I'll get back to you once I have any further news to share likely very soon.

  • Hi All,

    I don't know if this is necessary, but I wanted to report here that my colleagues and I are experiencing the same issue as LeonS. I have reported it through 'Support' function and heard back from Customer Support that they have noted the issue but haven't been able to recreate it.

    In any case, at our office all users have the same situation where Named views are always synchronized between Rhino and Enscape and we would hope it can be changed or turned off, because it disrupts our workflow unfortunately.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Thank you for your feedback and post as well.

    Our developers have confirmed that this is currently a bug which we're working on resolving as quickly as possible. I'll certainly notify everyone in this thread once more after it's resolved or about to be with an upcoming update.

    Let me know in case you have any further inquiries of course.

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    Hi I just wanted to check in if the developers have an idea of when the bug will be resolved?

    Just a follow up on this: any further news on resolution?

    I'm afraid there is no exact ETA I can provide currently, and while we want to fix this behavior as quickly as possible of course there's still some prior testing to be done internally currently.

    I'll make sure to notify everyone here once I have any further news or once the update which tackles this has been released. Thank you for a bit more patience in this regard.

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    Demian Gutberlet Can i ask why it seems that your engineers internally seem to be so disconnected with the user experience of the actual users? are you guys using a different version of rhino ? an older/newer variant? it baffles me that so many people have the exact same issue but it seems the engineers cant recreate it.

    This particular behavior detailed here is an issue we can reproduce ourselves internally, but this wasn't something we were able to resolve with our recent service pack just yet, so a fix for this particular problem will be following soon.

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    Can you please provide an update on when this bug will be fixed?

    I agree, this is pretty unacceptably paralyzing...

    Thank you in advance for a resolution/fix!

    We have now successfully resolved this behavior internally which means that it will not take much longer until a fix for this will officially come out - As promised I will let you know once that is the case too after its release or shortly prior.

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    Hi Demian,

    I'm trying to access a trial for my Enscape but I'm having an issue with my Machine FIngerprint. Can you, please, help me with that?


    Welcome to our Forum - In case you require a trial reset here to make use of Enscape for (another) 14 days please kindly briefly reach out to our support team as we do not process them via the Forum itself anymore. Thanks a lot in advance for your understanding!

    If any questions come up during your 14 days of trial time after it's extension please let us know too.

  • Hi Demian,

    Can you please give an update/status on when this patch will be made available to the public?

    If it already is available, can you please direct me to where i can download it?

    Thank you.

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    Hey bkelley

    you can download the latest preview here: https://enscape3d.com/preview/

    The issue should be fixed in this version. The synchronize views setting is being correctly applied again.

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    To anyone still affected by this who can not update to our current preview, this has now also been resolved in our latest service pack 4.0.2 for our release which can be acquired here: https://enscape3d.com/download/

    You can ignore this in case you're already using our latest preview, though at this point feel free to also update to our latest preview 2 of Enscape 4.1 as well:

    Preview | Enscape

    In case you still experience any further problems don't hesitate to let us know!