Video export so much worse than Video preview

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  • I am using Revit 2023 and Enscape 3.5.6. I will upgrade after i finish this group of projects to Enscape 4... Why are the renders so terrible compared to the video Previews. Tons of noise especially through glass objects. I tried doing a capture of the video preview and its nice and clean but.... you get hiccups because its trying to do it in real-time. My company uses Enscape for visualizations. I am a Max guy and i cry every time i have to do these projects. i want the output to be better but it just isn't. Or am i doing something wrong.

    I have been doing video renders without a ceiling with better results, but they want a ceiling. The still images are ok. But i do know that they reduce the quality of Video exports from a conversation i had a few years ago when we started to use Enscape and i could not get the quality where i wanted it. I said i would take a performance hit for better renders. I am embarrassed to use this output.



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    qholmes , thanks a lot for your report and I'm of course sorry to hear about this.

    Right away, with Enscape 4.0 we've added improvements to how the scene as a whole is being denoised, which could very well already help in your case with reducing some of those artifacts you mention.

    On top of that it would be ideal to receive a brief video example in which we can see that unwanted behavior. Generally some noise especially in more complex materials like glass can be normal but it can also depend on the exact type and especially lighting situation. For example one usual cause for noise (especially prior to Enscape 4.0) is when a scene is mainly lit with self-illiuminating/emissive materials instead of of actual artificial light sources, something you can check right away if that might perhaps be the case for you.

    If you ideally get the chance to upgrade and share said video example then that would be great in order to see what you're reporting in context.

    Thanks a lot in advance again for your cooperation.

  • Ok, once i get done these projects i will upgrade. this upgrade just requires me to get IT assistance because its changing versions and i do not have Admin access.

    here are some screen shots from the video output. The scene is a different one because i have open walls on the sides. by request. Its illuminated by ceiling lights. and possibly a small amount of sun to get a little more shadow. I cant remember with this one. i was trying with and without.. many different combinations. Our environments are very sterile. being labs. But i have always wondered if we are going about the materials all wrong.

    you can see the noise in the scene. In the preview none of this noise exists and the lighting is different. I post process this in Premier and adjust the levels to a more pleasing output.