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    is-it possible to use the EXEstandalone with a Mac ?


    Thanks for your inquiry.

    Our dedicated .exe standalone files exported from Enscape on Windows will not be compatible with any Mac I'm afraid. Alternatively you are able to create a Web Standalone using Enscape for Mac natively as detailed here. Please keep the Technical Limitations in mind which are also described in the linked article.

    If any other questions come up please let me know.

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    annlanta2 , welcome to our Forum - While we may be looking into options to allow the export of standalone files that also run on a Mac, it is unlikely that we will be able to export .exe standalones specifically, since those are specifically Windows based only.

    Please also feel more than free to forward your wish to have standalone support or the ability to create/view standalones on your Mac as detailed here! This feedback reaches our product management team directly too.

    If there are any further questions that may come up please let me know. :)