All Users Install - Doesn't Install for New Users

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  • Hi,

    We are experiencing a continuing issue with deploying enscape to users across our office.

    We install Enscape with the All Users option to ensure it gets installed in Program Files.

    The enscape menu toolbar and addon gets installed successfully for Archicad for the currently logged in user.

    However, if a different user that has never logged on that computer, logs on, when they start Archicad the menu toolbar is not present, and the addon is not loaded.

    I have nailed this down to the the way that Enscape installs and loads the addon for Archicad.

    Instead of adding the required addon apx files for the Enscape addon to the Archicad Program Files install folder like other plugins, a link to the Enscape apx folder is instead added to this registry here: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\GRAPHISOFT\Archicad\Archicad 26.0.0 AUS R1\Add-On Manager\Include. Note this this is a user specific registry key, not a Local Machine reg key.

    Additionally the Enscape installer will only add this registry key to other users that exist on the computer if the main HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\GRAPHISOFT\Archicad\Archicad 26.0.0 AUS R1\ already exists, and this key only gets created after Archicad is first run.

    So the issue is that when a new user logs onto a computer for the first time, even if Archicad and Enscape were already installed on the computer, there are no user specific registry keys present for that new user that tells Archicad to load the Enscape addon apx files from the Enscape install folder in Program Files.

    The only way for us to get Archciad to load the Enscape addon for this newly logged on user is to re-run the enscape installer for this user.

    This is particularly frustrating when our IT provider sets up a new computer utilising their administrator login to install Archicad and Enscape. But we still need to re-run the enscape installer separately for each user once they login to the computer.

    This is an issue for all version of Archicad and all recent versions of Enscape (v3.x and v4.0).

    Any assistance on a way to resolve this would be much appreciated.



  • scottjm

    Changed the title of the thread from “All Users Install - Issues with New Users” to “All Users Install - Doesn't Install for New Users”.
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    scottjm , thank you very much for your feedback - I've already forwarded this to our developers for review and analysis accordingly. I'll reach back out as quickly as I can after I receive a further update or response in regards to this.

    If there's anything else that may come up in the meantime please let me know too.

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    Demian Gutberlet - thanks very much 😊. That would be great.

    I understand it potentially requires a fundamental change to the way the addon is installed for Archicad, but unfortunately at present the 'All Users' install, is not really All Users.



    Hi again Scott,

    To share a further update: Kindly check out the following section "Deploying Enscape for ArchiCAD for all users" of our" Deploy to Multiple Machines" knowledgebase article here (still to be updated soon for the new non-msi installer):

    Deploy to Multiple Machines - Enscape

    Just in general the provided solution differs compared to what is usually advised when installing Enscape on multiple machine due to limitations from ArchiCAD's side. As we unfortunately cannot circumvent them either currently please refer to the workaround linked above, while we continue looking into an additional solution to this for the future. Though be aware that this may generally not be something we can easily resolve anytime soon from our side I'm afraid.

    In case you you have any further questions or experience any additional issues while trying the above please let me know!

  • Hi Demian,

    Thanks for your response.

    Can you clarify what you mean by 'the provided solution differs compared to what is usually advised when installing Enscape on multiple machine due to limitations from ArchiCAD's side'?

    The only way that I can think of a workaround to resolve my issue is to pre-add the required regkeys to the Default user, or having a GPO run that adds the required regkeys when a new user signs in.



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    Hi Scott, with "the provided solution" I simply meant to reccomend checking out the following workaround we provide in this knowledgebase article I've also linked in my previous post:

    Deploy to Multiple Machines - Enscape