Scenes in exe do not include lighting status or layer ON/OFF status - Sketchup

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  • Hi,

    I created scenes from different time with different lighting layers for each scene. They're the same view with different ambiances.

    Attached the ambiance scenes screenshots (Scene 1, Scene 2, Scene 3) taken from Enscape environment.

    But after I converted to exe file, it looks like Enscape only taking into account the active scene condition.

    Attached the same ambiance scenes screenshot taken from the exe file (Exe-Scene1, Exe-Scene2, Exe-Scene3). In this case, I exported to exe with Scene 1 active.

    The times are changed, but the lighting stays as lighting for Scene1.

    For info, I placed different lighting in different layers in Sketchup, and turn the layer ON-OFF for different scenes.

    Is there something missed in setting the scenes or exporting to exe? Or this is not possible currently, to have different conditions in different scenes in executable file (and in VR)?

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    Hi beebo , thanks for your inquiry.

    Currently, as you've also stated, different layers with different adjustments will not be translated into the individual views of your .exe standalone. Feel free to gladly forward this as a feature request to our product management team, though in the meantime we can only reccomend for example exporting multiple standalones of the same project, otherwise keep in mind that you can still setup individual time of day's and visual settings per scene/view as detailed here before exporting.

    If you have any further questions what so ever please let me know anytime.

  • Thanks. I'm gladly forwarding this as feature request. It's important to show different ambiance within the same scene; i.e. different activities within the same room requires different setup or different lighting ambiance. Hope there will be update on this.