Version 4.0 Installation for Sketchup

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    Enscape plug in not loading into Sketchup after install. There are no plug-ins appearing when I navigate to the sketchup plug ins folder. I have a windows 11 OS

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    Right away please make sure to uninstall all existing versions of Enscape from your machine, especially when it comes to 3.5.6 or any other prior 3.x.x release.

    Then afterward reboot your machine and after logging into your Windows account run our latest installer of Enscape 4.0 again, thereafter you should see Enscape appear properly in SketchUp. Make sure to also enable the toolbar as detailed here in case you weren't aware of this.

    Last but not least in case you might be using SketchUp 2024, make sure to acquire our just released service pack from today (just re-download the installer), via the same download page linked above. You likely have downloaded that specific version already, but just to make very sure.

    Please let me know in case you still run into any further problems.