View selection window frozen in Gray

  • My Revit file is not too big, 300mb. When I open Enscape, the view selection window will be gray and set in a default 3D view. When I open a camera view in Revit, it will launch Enscape in that view. But I couldn't select other view from drop down menu. There is no drop down menu at all!

    Anybody else had this issue? Thanks.

  • Hi joniliu2003 which version of Revit and Enscape are you using? As I understand it only occurs in this specific project. Could you please share your project with me via PM so I can check it?

  • joniliu2003  dan_noviun I think what you mean happens only if you're in a perspective view in Revit. Before Revit version 2017.2, any plugin, Enscape too, was completely blocked when you've been in a perspective 3D view. You had to switch to a parallel 3D view or floorplan in order to control Enscape.

    With the latest versions of Revit, this has been resolved. However, the Enscape 3D View Selector is currently still not responding while you're in a perspective 3D view.

    To resolve this, simply switch to a parallel 3D view or floorplan. We'll make sure to fix this issue as soon as possible.

  • Hello everyone,

    This topic seems old but there wasn't a solution. I'm using Revit 2020.1 and experiencing the same problem of the active view freezing up.

    Even after launching Enscape I am unable to change the view being displayed.

    It doesn't happen all the time. I would like to know what is causing this so I could amend my workflow.

    Thank you!



  • Sorry to hear about that and welcome to our forum!

    In the first instance, can you please make sure you're using our latest release? If that doesn't help, or you're already using Enscape 2.8, then please also send in feedback report with a link to this thread for reference in the submission form for further troubleshooting:…sing-the-feedback-button/