Adjust Sun Azimuth/Altitude angles in Keyframe settings menu

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  • Those with an academic background from Beaux-Arts universities, will remember the age-old rule that in hand-drawn architectural draftings we would cast shadows in the facades, elevations and cross sections at 45° from upper left to lower right, regardless of the actual location of the building. This is a "rule" in professional traditional Architecture teaching.


    In our renderings we almost always use the Enscape Sun Azimuth and Altitude angles, instead of time of day settings. It is very precise and most helpful.

    Adjusting the time of day changes the Azimuth and Altitude angles simultaneously. Being able to adjust them separately is one of the secret recipes of achieving that cinematic look in Archviz.

    We recently had a project, where we had to animate a zoom-in animation onto a facade but we realized there was no way to set specific azimuth/altitude angle in the keyframe settings.

    Kindly asking the developers to consider expanding the individual keyframe settings in the video editor mode, to include Sun altitude and azimuth angles.

    Here's a rough mockup:

    Please add this to the list! Thank you!