Odd Look Around Behavior

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  • I am experiencing some odd look around behavior with the new 4.0.x update. When I left-click to look around, the camera snaps down and turns 180 degrees. This happens with Revit 22 and 24 across multiple models and views with Enscape v: and v: Installing the previous Enscape v: is the only way I have found to fix the issue. Any ideas to fix this would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Hey! Could both of you please make sure to send in a support ticket as described here? https://learn.enscape3d.com/bl…eedback-button-win-revit/

    Please also provide a short description of the behavior like you did here. Thank you in advance.

  • FWIW, I have an answer but not a solution. Support tells me that Enscape is not supported in a remote desktop environment and is not slated to be supported. I am a remote worker who accesses a workstation through Windows Remote Desktop Connector, and according to support, having any version of Enscape work correctly through an RDP is a fluke. So, their suggestion is to stick with 3.5.6.

    A follow-up question: If there are any other remote workers or folks who remotely access a rendering workstation, what kind of connection do you use? Is it stable with 4.x?

  • What a joke. I just had to tell our artists in our New York office we may need to downgrade, based on the response Chaos gave to the user above.

    We live in a remote work world. This should have been addressed before release!

    We expect to see a hotfix for this soon, otherwise why do we pay $1000.00 a year per user if we can’t even use the latest version…

    Come on…

  • I’d like to add, this does not JUST affect our New York office. Our Seattle and New York office work collaboratively on projects and revit files and we all know what happens if users have different versions installed…

    Therefore we need to consider our entire office of 50 Enscape users to downgrade to address this disaster.

    Not a great way to end the week, having to tell our entire office they can’t have nice things.

    This isn’t just a fluke, or an error, this is a systematic problem.

  • Reo: Agree 100%. When I raised a ticket with Enscape, they said they don't support remote work and also virtual environments. Virtualization has become a norm and its been stable for ages, but Enscape doesn't seem to put efforts into development or testing of their products to support virtual machines, which is a shame.

  • Enscape has never supported virtualized Environments (Parallels, VMWare) as Enscape requires direct access to the graphic card. Remote workstations may work with Enscape but it's not officially supported. You may want to reach out to NVIDIA as well as consumer / prosumer GPUs are not officially supported for remote work.

    The big lesson here is don't expect Enscape to use limited resources (for designing, testing, and supporting software) to work in unlimited configurations. RTFM.

  • Phil,

    Thanks for telling me to Read the fu*king manual. Super helpful...

    I've asked every single user in New York if there was this particular issue prior to 4.0 release, and the answer was no. Direct access to the graphics card or not, our users are absolutely fine using, Rhino, Twinmotion, 3ds max, Corona, Unreal Engine 5.3, Vray, & Adobe Suite in a Remote situation, but Enscape, not a chance.

    The answer I keep getting is just use 3.5.6, but for close to $50,000k a year I would expect to use the latest release. Is that so much to ask?

  • Rhino, Twinmotion, 3ds max, Corona, Unreal Engine 5.3, Vray, & Adobe Suite are not Enscape or designed to work like Enscape. Stop presuming that just because other rendering applications work in remote environments therefore, Enscape must work in a remote environment. The Enscape development team isn't being indifferent to customer needs. They're designing Enscape to work in a particular way (live updates with the design file), requiring particular graphic hardware resources (which may presently exclude working in remote environments). In the past, Enscape may have worked in remote environments, but as graphic hardware has evolved, certain features that Enscape wants to take advantage of on localized GPU may not work well or at all in remote environments.

  • Hey Phil - Thanks for the additional insight and suggestion! I'll try reaching out to NVIDIA. I had a similar issue with Bluebeam and RDP that was also written off by support as an unsupported environment but eventually got a patch. I'll keep my fingers crossed while doing some more investigation.

  • Reo  DYoung  JubishJose - Are your users typically using a single monitor, or multiple monitors? Are you using Windows Remote Desktop or some other product?

    I've found that with a single monitor, there may be a bit of a glitch initially, but after that things are pretty workable.

    However, when using multiple monitors on remote, the mouse navigation goes haywire and is completely unworkable.

    As you noted, this is new with v4.x - v3.5.x and previous versions work fine.

    Unfortunate, as obviously it helps a ton to be able to run Enscape on a second screen.

  • If nobody has figured this out yet, the square peg round hole solution is assuming you're using remote desktop on 2 monitors, you need to set the left monitor as the primary Display. Not sure how this works for people with displays that are on top/bottom.. but this is working for us.

  • I finally got around to some testing and found repeatable but varying results from input from rifkin & taylorp; thanks!

    To add to what has been stated, for a stable Enscape v4.x in a Windows Remote Desktop environment with multiple horizontal displays in full-screen mode, the left-most display must be the main display, and the left-most display bottom must be bottom-justified or higher than the rest. If the displays are stacked, the top display must be the main display, and if the displays vary in horizontal resolution, the top display must be left-justified. Every configuration outside of this causes odd look around behavior.

    In case it helps anyone else or the development team, here is a breakdown of my results:

    My typical display configuration is:

    • Left Display: Vertical 22” (1080x1920) in portrait flipped
    • Center Display: Horizontal 32” (2560x1080) Main Display
    • Right Display: Horizontal 22” (1080x1920)
    • Displays are bottom justified
    • Display adjustments are made in Windows 11 display settings

    Three Displays

    • With my typical configuration, all odd look-around behavior disappears when I set the left screen as the main display. I can drag the Enscape window to any display, and look-around works as intended. Even with the left display being vertical in portrait flipped, it has no ill effect.
    • If the left display is set as the main display but is lower than the other two, the Enscape view will look down when clicked to look around.
    • If I set the center or the right display as the main display, the Enscape view will spin 180 degrees and look to the ground when clicked to look around.

    Two Displays

    • Enscape 4.x will work correctly if only two bottom-justified displays are used, with the left display set as the main display.
    • If the left display is still the main display and is lower than the right display (half lap), the Enscape view will look down when clicked to look around
    • If the right display is set to the main display, the Enscape view will turn right 90 degrees when clicked to look around.
    • If I stack the displays, the upper display must be the main display, and the displays must be left justified for Enscape to work as intended.
    • If the upper display is set to Main Display and right justified, the Enscape view will turn right 90 degrees when clicked to look around.
    • If the lower display is set to main display, regardless of the justification for other displays, the Enscape view will look down when clicked to look around.

    One Display

    • No issues, works as intended.

    Other tests

    • Matching resolutions had no changes noted.
    • None of these display configuration changes affect Enscape running on my local machine; it always runs as intended.
    • Multiple GPU drivers were tested with NVIDIAs guidance, and no changes were noted.
    • All conditions above happen with the build.

    I hope this information is helpful.