Revit: You must Reload Latest before editing the element.

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  • Have a Revit 2024 project with several users working in Enscape. Some members of the team keep getting an error when adjusting view settings that someone either owns a Revit object or they have to Reload to updated it. Once receiving the error there's no way past it and they have to crash Revit. See below:

    "You now own the element, but your file is out of date. You must Reload Latest before editing the element.

    -Data Storage Elements: : Enscape.EmbeddedSettings.Scoped : id (Revit ID#)"

    Is there a specific function that would be referencing Revit content that someone could check-out from the central file? Is there a workaround? How do we avoid conflicts with several team members working on the same file?

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