I really need some help accessing my license!

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  • I had a big old crash and my PC needed to be factory reset and I re-downloaded SU and Enscape. The problem is that Enscape is telling me that my license is deactivated as I have already used my fixed seat on another machine. I have only ever used it on this machine. I have removed the license key from the machine and re -added it but then it says the same thing!

    I contacted support this morning but I have turned to here to try for a quicker response as I have lost a day's work with not being able to get on and can't afford to lose another- please help if you can!


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    Hey CFC - welcome to the forum!
    I assume that, if you haven't yet, you'll probably hear back from the support team soon. If not, feel free to send me your case number in a private message and I can check.