Can resolution of Enscape Horizons be increased?

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  • Currently, Enscape horizons (backgrounds) are limited to 4096x700 pixels. This creates limitations when outputting renders as the horizons become quite blurry when using narrower fields of view to create more focused shots of architectural designs.

    We create our own custom horizons from panoramic images and while they do look great at wider fields of view, this limits how far we can zoom in with the field of view as the background horizon resolution does not hold up.

    Making a horizon file with any greater resolution than 4096x700 means it currently does not work (it creates bizarre visual artefacts and effects).

    Is there a way to alter Enscape so that it can accept larger resolutions? Surely a png file of 8192x1400 (or even 16284x2800) is possible and would not hamper performance too much?

    Thanks in advance for replies and suggestions.

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    Hey Turnervisual ,

    there is currently no built in setting to increase the background resolution as far as I know.

    Before I explore this topic further - have you considered

    a) using a skybox instead? These can be loaded with whatever resolution you like / fits on your graphics card. You can use any image as skybox as long as it fits the aspect ratio 1:2 or 3:4.

    b) exporting your images with Alpha Channel applied, so you can place any image in the background in a image editing software?

    Would any of these be a viable workaround?

  • Thank you Kaj Burival , we have explored using skyboxes however they take sky and cloud options away from Enscape. We really like how Enscape can control the sun angle and control the clouds. Much more dynamic. The exporting of images with alpha channel is something I was aware of however the thought of doing this for 20-30 images for a project gets quite daunting. Maybe the odd special image worth the extra time.

    I appreciate your responses. Hopefully at some future time we are able to have higher resolution horizon images.

    Regards, Dean.

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    Hey Turnervisual ,

    yes, I already assumed as much. Just wanted to verify there's no other viable solution.

    You are right, it would be great if this option could be included for use cases like yours. Can I ask you to share this in our product board? You can do so by clicking [+Submit Idea] in the top right corner of this page:…1/tabs/17-feedback-wanted

    Please add a short description of the issue. Maybe you can also just add a link to our discussion.

    Let's hope this can be added :)