Enscape opening on wrong monitor

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  • Hi guys

    I've been using Enscape with Sketchup Pro for a year or so.

    I'm having problems recently when i go to click 'Start Enscape' and it always opens on my main monitor where as it always used to open on my secondary monitor. I can't find how to change this in the Enscape Settings. I also have problems when using the 'Asset Library' and using a component and then the window disappearing? Also recently when using components out of the library (ie people) and then starting Enscape, the people are not in the rendering model.

    Would absolutely love some help on these issues I am having.


  • Usually Windows reopens programs on the same monitor that they were closed on. Try moving Enscape to the monitor you want it on and then closing the program. Reopen it and see if it opens up on the monitor that you want it on. IDK if this will work but I know that is how Windows handles other programs.