Monitor struggles.

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  • I’ve been using Enscape alongside SketchUp Pro for about a year now, and it’s been a fantastic tool. However, recently, I’ve run into a few hiccups that I could use some help with.

    1. Monitor Dilemma: When I click “Start Enscape,” it consistently opens on my main monitor. It used to open on my secondary monitor, which was super convenient. Is there a way to switch it back? I’ve scoured the Enscape Settings, but no luck so far.
    2. Vanishing Asset Library: Another issue I’ve encountered is with the ‘Asset Library.’ Sometimes, when I use a component, the window disappears mysteriously. Any tips on preventing this vanishing act?
    3. People Problems: Lastly, when I use components from the library (like those adorable people), they don’t show up in the rendering model when I start Enscape. Is there a workaround for this?
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    Hey ashleemcfarlane ,

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    1. By default, Enscape should start in the location you closed it in the last time. Just to verify if this is an option, what happens if you move the Enscape window to the second screen, close it, close the design application and then reopen both? Does it open on your main monitor again?

    2. When double clicking the Enscape Asset Library window (the one you can open through SketchUp), the window will disappear in order for you to place the asset in the scene. Once you're finished placing the asset, you can press the ESC key to bring it back up. Does this help?

    An alternative is to place assets directly in Enscape. You can learn more about that here:…t_placement-win-sketchup/

    3. If you're placing Enscape Assets in your SketchUp scene, they should of course show up in Enscape as well. Can you perhaps share a screenshot showing the Asset in SketchUp and where it's supposed to be in Enscape? Thank you in advance!

  • Hi Kaj - Thanks for your reply

    The window wont remember the monitor I close it in. i have tried this and it never changes. Always the main monitor. I have tried unchecking and checking the option for 'Pin Enscape window on top of the host application' as this was the only setting I could find. Still doesn't open in my second monitor. Small issue but immensely annoying.

    My people don't show up when I use the Asset library. See my screenshot. The only way I can get them to show (Not always) Are when I close Enscape, Add the people onto the Sketchup model, then reopen Enscape. Only sometimes this works, and sometimes only certain people work?