Empressive videos done in Lumion

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  • Reflection is currently the biggest weakest for Enscape and it is the exact reason why rendering look cartoonish even if you bump the rendering settings to Ultra.

    The other thing is Enscape doesn't have proper AO (contact shadow) settings. We have to "fake" AO through a light coloured outline setting.

    In fact, I would say 70% of the success of real time architectural visualisation relied on reflection with correct fresnel, IOR settings.

    As you may have known already a number of Enscape users have reported mirror material not reflecting correctly, disappearing objects in glass reflection, etc.

    Hopefully, one day Enscape can achieve the quality you have shown in the video.

  • One thing to remember though is that while the visual quality of Lumion improved drastically with Version 8, bringing it on par with (or in some cases surpassing) Enscape, it cheats a lot to get there.

    Enscape still renders in realtime, while Lumion has increasingly become like a traditional offline renderer (albeit a very fast one), taking multiple seconds to render a single image. With Enscape, what you see is what you get. With Lumion, what you see is a rough preview with poor GI and simplified geometry - not exactly realtime (which is quite ironic given that Lumion was the original realtime vizualization tool ). To be fair, images still take around the same time to render in Lumion as they always have, it's just that rather than increase speed (which might have allowed them to support things like VR which they've so far eschewed), they chose to increase the rendering quality instead (in an effort to reach the same visual quality as V-ray etc). Afterall, their biggest knock has always been the cartoonish visuals.

    You can't have everything in life afterall, so developers have to choose how to balance speed and quality. Increase one, and you reduce the other. While Lumion was getting prettier, traditional render engines like V-ray have gotten much faster thanks to powerful graphics cards and things like AI denoising. The way things are heading, they'll converge at some point.

    This is why the new RTX cards are so exciting - they promise to close the gap even further, and perhaps with all the recent advances in AI, even bridge it entirely. (https://www.unrealengine.com/e…-in-real-time-ray-tracing )

  • Sure you can...just depends on user. Their eye. Things that are missing in Enscape is moving/animated entourag, but the final quality is pretty good and fast.

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    Also the amount of detail the users adds. I could have added real 3d peeps, but didn't have enough time to populate. One last thing...The lumion animation you showed did't take like 20 min to render. It took them hours since you need to add a lot of effects that are render hogs.