Not able to create screenshot images

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  • Since updating to the latest version, I have not been able to save screenshot images of my render views.

    Once the view creation starts, it hangs up and a few minutes later the enscape render window disappears and the image is not made.

    I've not had this happen with the prior versions....

    Perhaps there is a setting with this new version that I'm overlooking??

    Below is what my screen looks like before it goes away during an attempt at doing a screenshot....

    The view blurs and then freezes up....buttons go grey......

  • I have an update.

    I'm able to save screenshots when Output is set to one of the default Resolution Options.

    But when i go to something like 3800 X 2800 (the 2800 is the custom size), then the process stalls.

    I have no PC issues or gpu issues, as I believe i have one of the best machines available (Alienware w/ an RTX 4080 w/ 64gb video ram). A new machine only a couple months old.

    I'll keep searching for the fix, but thought adding this updated info may help.



  • Ok, another update.

    I've done no pc or system adjustments, but now it seems to save screenshots beyond the default sizes.

    Below is 3800 X 2600 at High Res

    Not sure what was going on, but could have been the process of saving the image to our network server.

    Moving on, back in action, thanks for putting up with me, lol!!