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  • Do you intend to write this change back into the native application? Or just change it within Enscape? I can see advantage with both... perhaps tweak and change it immediately within Enscape and have a button to push it back into the model?

    (There is a request to select/update materials from within the Enscape window)

  • I'm more interested in crafting a new material and changing it in Sketchup itself and vice versa again if it doesn't work. Which will change it in Enscape.. I know that Vray has this feature and when you receive a file from a 3rd party its easier to take your own materials and switch it by replacing it like so, than to rewrite every materials inside the initial model. (because of multiple groups/components/non-grouped … you wouldnt be able to do it at once, you would have to edit everything, unless you change the material itself, which is what I don't want, since I have premade materials)

  • In SU there are several ways to select all the materials with a specific texture, however they only tend to work on faces within the current 'layer' you are editing in... unless you use a plugin. You can also just change the material by selecting and editing it from the material palette.

    However you can only select/edit one material at a time: you cannot "replace" one with another without first selecting all the faces with the first texture. (You can make one have an identical texture as another by using the same image and colour properties, but it's not a simple click 'swap')

  • To add to Gadget, there is no possible way though, to select a material in its integrity (everywhere its applied). Unless you layer it.. but you barely receive Files with layer I can tell. And even though, you would have to change the material it self, you can't just select a material and replace it with another everywhere in the model (which is what I'm trying to say)

    It is possible to apply a material to a selected object or faces. but not to switch a material for another, by instance.

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    benjaminriendeau , thanks a lot for your feedback. Be assured that I'll file your wish as a dedicated feature request. :)

    Gadget there is indeed a dedicated material editor for SketchUp. We plan to release a material editor for Rhino as well with 2.5, but I cannot quiet yet 100% promise that this feature will find its way into that version. :) But, be assured it's coming.