Lights length value is not working

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  • I've been trying to change the length of a linear light, and it always goes back to 3m when I enter a value. With the 3.5 version I never had this issue, maybe something change with the new version or is it a bug? It's making work really hard

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    Hi Jeni Vela and welcome to our Forum.

    Right away this behavior is normal and an expected limitation - While it might've been possible before to set the length to anything longer than 3m, it's not recommended as doing so will likely lead to visual issues and discrepancies.

    Why exactly and how our lights function within Enscape is also brought up and explained ln this this thread here if you like to check it out including a more detailed response further below.

    Just so you know, if you own a ray-tracing capable GPU make sure that you also activate "Ray-Traced Artificial Light (Beta)" via the our General Settings just in case you haven't already, as that will also help with the output of shadow quality especially.

    Let me know if any further questions arise here still.