Rhino's material and lighting

  • Hello,

    big thanks for all the works of the Dev, great plugin again, can't live whitout it now..

    I have been working on a lot of projects and very happy with the speed, ease of work and the VR aspect of it..

    It wasn't a problem before, but it now starts to bring some difficulties, materials and ligthing aren't great to use and after using sketchup, I was wondering when the enscape object and materials tab would come to Rhino?

    This would probably annihilate any other rendering competitors, and will definitly convince people in the office to make a switch...

    Again thanks for all the work anyway ! :thumbsup:

  • Hey gautier , there'll be a material editor for Rhino as well in the future. I cannot say if this will be implemented with our next major release, but it'll come eventually. :)

    Furthermore, since SketchUp does not provide its own lights, we've specifically implemented our own lights via the "Enscape Objects". Since Rhino already offers lights which can be used for Enscape, there aren't any concrete plans to implement this functionality for Rhino as well. Still, if you like to see this implemented, for example to make easier use of lights, or the "Linked Model" or "Sound Source" function, let me know! :)

  • Hi Demian Gutberlet , thanks for the message, as you mentioned lights are already good, but materials is sort of a priority, Rhino's materials are headache to setup.. and sometimes mapping will change when you re-open a file etc.. I was saying this as when trying enscape in sketchup, the additional setting tab for material is what makes the difference between okay and great, the showcase section shows a lot of sketchup work.. not so much of rhino.. how about as a christmas gift ? :)

    Anyway thanks again for all the work!

  • Hey gautier , just to make sure, the mapping changes Rhino side, not Enscape side, correct? :) Wish I could promise you anything regarding this, cannot yet unfortunately.

  • gautier , good news, chances are rather high that the material editor will find its way into Rhino with 2.5 as well. :)