Survey | Offer additional paid content to existing free asset library

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    Dear Forum Community!

    We have introduced the Enscape Asset Library to help architects, designers, artists, and studios streamline content production and save countless hours of work. Today, our library offers 4,000+ free models and materials that can be easily imported and rendered seamlessly in Enscape. We continue expanding and improving it, and one of the ways to add large volumes of diverse quality content is to partner with vendors and provide additional paid assets alongside our growing free library.

    Your opinion matters to us, and we’d love your input to help shape our content strategy. We kindly ask you to fill in this quick survey, which will help us learn more about your content requirements and offer a solution tailored to your needs.

    We appreciate your time and feedback as we work together to elevate Enscape Assets and Chaos Cosmos to new heights.…pe-Asset-Library/tt-9RFW7

    Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

    Lena, Product Owner Enscape Assets

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    Thanks for your participation in the survey!

    Done but …….

    Give us access to YOUR free cosmos content before you consider charging us for content

    This is already a task on our road map for the future. We are currently investigating other options for the future as well such as a paid library. Before introducing such a paid option we want to check the need on the market for an offer like this. That's why your feedback is necessarily.

    In regards to a uniformed 3D library - as you might know Enscape is having heavy standards in regards to the polygon count of the assets to make the performance as good as possible. All the Chaos Cosmos assets are following a high poly approach with being as photo realistic as possible. We will try and find an approach for the future to align the two libraries even further, and we already started with it.