Black blotches on screen

  • Hi team,

    I have been experiencing black blotches appearing on the screen and those render as well. They stop only when I restart ArchiCAD.

    If I only restart Enscape, the problem won't go away.

    After re-starting ArchiCAD works for about 3 to 4 renderings, then it starts again.

    Anyone experienced the same issue?

    My graphic card is the Nvidia Quadro P2000. Driver Ver. 411.95

    Thank you.


  • Hey Claudio , thanks a lot for your submission.

    I'm afraid, this is currently a known issue and we're working hard to resolve it as soon as possible. In the meantime, you may wanna downgrade to an older version of Enscape, anything which is not Enscape 2.4.x, since this behavior is not persisting in versions below. I've also sent you a link to the site through which you're able to download Enscape 2.3.3 for example. Thanks for your understanding!

  • Just noticed a few differences. Mainly:

    -Rendering resolution and quality noticeably lower.

    -Unable to chose JPG compression

    -OMG I have no asset!! :o Can't stay without that though!! Please give me a way to overcome this.

    ...No, sorry, just realized that most of the asset already in my file is not recognized by the 2.3 version. Can't go back to this version.


  • Hey Claudio , we're sorry about this problem and that you cannot use our latest release, I'm sure it won't take much longer until we find the cause of it to resolve that. You'll find an overview of the new features of 2.4 here as well, although you should still be able to choose the "File format" .jpg in 2.3.3?

  • Thank you Demian Gutberlet and Micha .

    Demian Gutberlet n Yes, there's the JPG option. For some reason though the file comes out half of the size and with not as good quality as the files made with the latest version.

    The main issue though is the absence of the Asset. This causes the asset already placed to show only as a block, rather than a tree - if you know what I mean.

    Micha I tried the below version:

    • Version:
      • Released: 2018-09-07T08:45:00.0798285Z
      • Changelog:
        • Compatiblity with AMD driver 18.8.1 / 18.Q3

    ...which seems to be the latest of the 2.3x versions. Didn't see the one you are referring to.

  • You need to look at the download page for the preview section link and there for older versions. It's the link under the first "here". Don't go to the older version of the final releases. The preview history versions are other than the final history versions. Also try, later there was an other issue, but I can't remember what it is.