Grass effect issues

  • Hello - In my Sketchup 2018 model, if I rename the material for a patch of vegetation to "grass", the Enscape grass then shows up. However, I also get grass-like effects extruding out of corners of my structure (corners of the house model). The unwanted "grass" takes on the color of whatever it is attached to. Any suggestions of what I should adjust or look for?

  • the "Grass" texture applies to both sides of a material: if your reverse side has a grass texture then it shows through. You can also select a texture to act like "grass" (or not) by simply selecting the type from the drop-down. I often have to check that there is no bottoms to house walls that accidentally have a grass texture and have to 'cut out' the footprint of a new extension from the garden grass that it's sitting on.

    The edges of a grass texture also 'stick out' beyond the edge of the material - this can be ~70-120mm in all directions (except down); I normally have a ~150 border of gravel or bricks or mud between grass and walls.

    You can use this 'feature' to cheat and get a gradual shortening by dropping the grass texture below another surface so that it the tips of the grass stick up through it... but it's a bit of work. (There is a feature request to use a 'bump mask' to determine the height of the grass)

  • EGIE , would you like me to file this as a feature request? :) Anything you wanna add to it? As Gadget mentioned, there is also a feature request on our agenda allowing you to define Grass height and area by texture, so if you wish, I can also add a further upvote to that topic. ;)

  • Hi, for my workflow grass is not prio 1 by now ;-) since so far I usually avoid making any environment.

    Still, since Enscape has implemented this so cool feature and since many others use this for their work often, I give this topic a +1 also!
    [who knows if I don't need it in the future too ;-) after all, I already play with it regularly] ;)