Activating Enscape in SketchUp pro 2024

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  • I am trying to add my Enscape license into Sketch Up. Online I found the following instructions. But I can't find this in my SketchUp. If I go to about I can only manage my sketch up license, not add my Enscape license. I have a Mac book pro 2019 and my Sketch up is updated to the 2024 version. Where can I manage my license in SketchUp?

    'To activate Enscape, whether fixed seat or floating, open the 'About [Blocked Image:]' window via the Enscape ribbon in the CAD program you've installed Enscape for (e.g. SketchUp). Then, click Manage Licences.'

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    Hi merle , welcome to our Forum.

    Right away please kindly check if you can activate our Enscape ribbon in the first place, or if the context menu is available as detailed here:

    Enable Enscape - Enscape

    Please also note as per the article:

    "In a situation where you do not see any reference to Enscape in the SketchUp menu or toolbar options, it is likely that the installation is corrupt or was somehow unsuccessful. In such circumstances it would be recommended to perform a fresh reinstall of Enscape. This means, uninstalling Enscape completely by removing it from Mac, rebooting the machine, and then running the Enscape installer again. You should also refer back to the installation steps, found here."

    From there on you should then be able to activate your license accordingly as detailed once more here too.

    And last but not least kindly ensure that your system meets our requirements in the first place:

    System Requirements - macOS - Enscape

    Thanks a lot in advance.