Revit view and Enscape refresh

  • Seems to be a bug with the Revit plugin where if I make model updates in Revit (say turning on or off worksets or placing families etc) with the perspective view open, Enscape does not refresh (live updates turned on!) unless I close the Revit view. Then Enscape starts loading and the update takes place in the render. It's a bit tedious to have to close and open views all the time when it should live update.

    Enscape version 2.4.1, Revit 2017

  • Hey robinchs thanks a lot for your post. I'm afraid, there is a bug in Revit 2017, where the perspective view cuts of the connection to any plugin, effectively making our Live Updates unavailable. You can solve this by either switching to the parallel-3d view or by installing either Revit 2017.2 or Revit 2018, as in these versions this bug has been resolved. :)

    I hope this helps. Please let me know in case there is anything else I can assist you with!