New Components from Groups are Disappearing from Enscape - BUG

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  • I commented on this in the release thread and have an ongoing support ticket, but the support agent cannot reproduce my issue. Hoping someone here can test to confirm. Included a video clip of the process as reference.

    Here are the steps to reproduce my issue:

    1 - Make a simple object or shape.

    2 - Make the object a GROUP.

    3 - Make the GROUP a COMPONENT.

    4 - Copy/Move (or copy/paste) the newly created component ------> Newly created copied component and original component both disappear from Enscape. They will reappear when Enscape is reloaded. It does not disappear from SketchUp.

    However, if the simple object in STEP 1 is created and not grouped first and instead you skip to just creating a component from ungrouped geometry, the issue does not occur.

    EDIT: Support has confirmed this is a BUG and will be sent to the dev's - for anyone else having this issue.

  • Tim

    Changed the title of the thread from “New Components from Groups are Disappearing fron Enscape - BUG” to “New Components from Groups are Disappearing from Enscape - BUG”.