Panorama capture issue with perforated metal material

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  • I am having issues using the panorama capture feature. With a material that uses a transparent .png file such as perforated metal, Enscape takes a few seconds to update the material transparency every time the camera moves. This is OK when walking around the model in real time since when you stop moving w/n a second or two the transparency of the material returns. However when capturing the images to generate the 360 pano and the camera is moving and capturing continuously, the perforated material remains much more solid and the surface in the 360 pano looks much more solid. I presume there is really nothing I can do to change this behavior at the moment, but wanted to bring it up in case there is something that can be done on the programming end to allow the viewport to fully refresh for each frame of the 360 panorama prior to capture or speed up the refresh of perforated materials when moving the camera.

  • Capturing the panorama at a higher resolution should help as a quick solution. Have you tried that?

  • nnevels How did your tests run?

    It's usually hard to reach the same level of detail when you compare a zoomed in real time rendered Enscape output with an exported rendering from a position further away.

    You should reach the same level of detail if you compare the level of detail between real time rendered Enscape output and exported renderings with identical positions.

    But higher resolutions for our renderings are already on our agenda.