Grass view distance to small

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    I'm making a project with standard Enscape grass, but as you can see in the background in the left side of the pictures I've attached, it doesn't render the grass in the background.

    I thought the view distance had been extended quite a bit. The garden is perhaps only 40m long and it cannot show that.

    Hope you can help.

    I'm in Enscape version

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    Hi Jensendesign , as per our developers I am afraid the values for the distances of Grass are hardcoded and range from 40m in an 90° FoV to 80m at a 10° FoV, so I'm afraid there is no setting, hidden or otherwise to change that currently. I know this may not be a valid workaround for you, but the lower the FoV in this case here the further the Grass rendering should reach as well.

    Perhaps that helps a little bit already, and please let me know in case of any further questions what so ever.

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    Or is there a workaround to get longer grass view distance?

    I'm afraid without adjusting the FoV the grass rendering distance cannot be changed currently - You can still forward this, or anything else you like, as a feature request which reaches product management directly as detailed here.

    I wish I had more positive news, but in case of any further questions please let me know anytime.

  • You must have separate geometry to give you the brown soil?

    Normally the grass matches the colour of the material on which it is painted, so as the grass fades away it just becomes green.

    Could you not use the soil areas in the distance? - in your example above I don't think it adds a significant amount of detail to warrant the grass looking missing in the distance.

    You could hide some of those soil surfaces that are further away from the camera in a given shot- you can sync object visibility with SketchUp so that would be fairly easy to do.

    Or creatively frame each shot to draw attention from it - a little more depth of field or a slight repositioning of the camera?