sun light leaks (bug)

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    OFRI GERBER , first question right away: Has this image been taken with Ray-Tracing and thus also our Ray-Traced Sun Shadows enabled (Via our General Settings)? Since you own a RTX 3060 I reckon so?

    Perhaps you could share that specific part or the scene itself with me briefly, especially if increasing the thickness of the corresponding ceiling/walls does not make any difference?

    This should not be the cause for the problems here but given the other report of yours regarding the missing shadows it cannot hurt making sure as well that your graphics card drivers are up to date (also acquiring the latest available via NVIDIA directly here).

    Thank you in advance!

  • Hi Demian
    Thanks for reply
    1. all rendering hardware features checked "V"
    2. GPU drivres updated

    it was suddenlly happend during work so it seems like a bug
    i didnt try thickrning walls ceiling (down grade to last stable version works ok)
    will check later with last preview version after i finish the project :))