images with high opacity come out dark

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  • Hi, I'm having ongoing issues with creating a texture for glass with a patterned film on it. I have set the texture image to the pattern shown in attached image 1, then I have given it 80% opacity, but for some reason it is coming out much darker, shown in image 2. Tint Color is already set to white. I've tried many other solutions, for example setting a cutout material, this solves the problem of the texutre immediately becoming darker, but brings up another issue of the glass having too much noise

    Please let me know if you need me to provide any other info on this issue.

  • Not sure if this is related issue, but a lot of the glass materials from the Enscape Material library just don't work, in the attached image I was using the 'Frosted Glass 13, Floral Pattern' and other than some parts being slightly more reflective than others, there is no transparency what so ever, any idea whats going on here? b

  • What version of Enscape are you using? For the material type, I don't get glass as an option

    At 2.5% opacity the texture is no longer visible for me, only the reflections on the glass are visible. I was going for a high opacity because it was the only way for the texture to show, but yes it ends up coming out dark.

  • I guess you should change the material to the 'glass' type and assign the texture to the base color. After this, you can adjust the opacity to get the desired transparency level, where a lower number means more transparent and a higher number means more opaque. Hope, it helps.

  • I feel like the issue at hand isn't understood. I have done all of this, but while the texture is at 80% opacity, it comes out dark, whereas it should be coming out more towards the true color of the assiogned texture, white.

    In the first image you posted, the glass is dark, why is that? Where is this dark color coming from?

    I had to go with a solution of rendering the video twice, one where the texture is at 100% opacity, and one with the texture at 0% opacity. I then overlayed the videos, and reduced the opacity of the first video until had the desired effect I was looking for. I am still interesting in understand why this issue is still going on though, so I don't need to render two videos in the future for every change, and so that others can find a solution / answer here.

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    Lighting calculations for transparent materials are simplified compared to opaque materials. In interior scenes that are lit mostly by artificial or indirect light this can indeed lead to darker than expected results.