Standalone Export - Clipping/Flickering

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  • Hello!

    The architectural firm I work in has been using the HTC Vive in conjunction with Enscape for some time now with decent success. However, we've recently begun experiencing an issue with clipping and flickering in the VR environment and bad enough thtat it renders us unable to use the hardware.

    + Steam and Steam VR are completely up to date.

    + NVIDIA Quadro P5200 GPU driver is up to date.

    + Nothing has changed on the computer (we have a stand alone laptop exclusively for VR/Enscape)

    + We've done all the manual checks - unplugged/re-plugged everything, rebooted, reset room setup etc.

    There are a couple noticeable things happening when this is going on. First, when initially opening the .exe file, the VR window text toggles between ready and 'enscape client unresponsive' This seems to cease once the file finishes loading. The second thing that then happens is as soon as we pick-up the headset the VR window text starts flickering between ready and some message in read we can't read because of how fast it toggles between text - and simultaneously the flickering happens in the headset/on screen. It seems like there is some sort of connection breakdown happening, however it doesn't appear to be hardware based as we have no issues with the headset in other VR environments (such as the default HTC load environment).

    I am perplexed. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.