weird texture in display

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  • nolan Mhmm could be connected to your graphics card and its driver.

    Which one are you using and is the driver up to date?

    It would be beneficial as well if you could send us feedback via the [feedback] button including log files.

  • ... Hi - it's certainly not a texture and in the absence of a more accurate term, I call this "The Moire Effect" and so far I have not created only one single exterior render without this so much annoying effect !!!!!!!!!!! not to mention the continuous faulty shadow calculations - that's how it is. So annoyed I am of this BUG(s), so annoyed is our IT department of me because I weekly ask to check the update status of my Nvidias...

    I also ask the same question like Nolan above - how do those, who show good results here, do that? -- it's too bad that so many posts are just about praise (which they deserve of course!) but not about more info, which could help us all get ahead. Also Enscape itself could create and post more on teaching fixed case study tuts instead of the nice feature spots... Why, for example, is it Justin from "The SketchUp Essentials", who needs to explain the fiddly interior lighting features? ...

    The support here is exemplary good, sympathetic and extremely reactive what is great - but I think there is a shortcoming in spreading basic skills to bring a consistent minimum level to new users.

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    That looks like self-shadowing issue. Might be related to scene scale?

    Correct observation. Self-shadowing (or "shadow-acne") artifacts appear sometimes depending on the angle between the sun and the surface orientation of your geometry. Often these issues are more visible in especially large projects. We're aware of these issues and are currently working on some improvements.