waterfall, vertical cascading water?

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  • Hi all,

    I have been constantly finding myself in a situation needing to model waterfall or cascading water on vertical surface, just wondering if there's a good way to show this in Enscape? by defauly if I apply the default water texture directly onto vertical plane, the render effect is unpredictable to say the least, sometimes invisible, sometimes a complete miror effect, sometimes a blue hue.....

    Have anyone found ways around this?


  • Hey jack_tsaidesign , welcome to our forum and thanks for your inquiry. :) There is an existing feature request on our agenda tallowing you to have vertical water, for waterfalls as an example, so I've happily given the topic a further upvote through your voice. ;)

    There is currently no solution I'm aware of to create a realistic looking waterfall, but you may wanna check out the last post from THIAGO here. In case this would be suitable for you, I'd suggest you send him a PM so that he can re-upload or send you the project.

  • ... even though I am far away to help in any way - Compliment for what you show already now - everything, your water, this stone slabs, this scene are wonderful!

  • Davegx1 , thanks a lot for your feedback, your voice has been added in form of another upvote to the corresponding topic. :) Further, as mentioned in my reply above, you may want to check out what THIAGO achieved in his project, maybe this might be of interest. But, there is generally no direct way to apply vertical water in your project currently.