Scale Enscape assets in Archicad?

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  • Thank you Kaj Burival, very much for your honest answer. But in reality, everything is not so bad. If you could make more sizes for environmental objects, then the question would be removed. There are very few tall pines, fir trees, poplars (30-35m) and an average height of bushes (2-5m). It seems to me that this addition is not very difficult, but the life of archicad users would shine with new colors.

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    Thank you very much hoza and zuzarch , I have very gladly forwarded your Asset wishes accordingly. :) In the meantime, you still always have the option to also import your own content of course via our custom asset functionality. This involves looking into some tree models online which would suit your preferences/project, but just to make sure you're aware that this feature exists.

  • Hii! Are there ome webpages with objects in the right format to import to Enscape through custom assets? And is there maybe an option to customize (resize) existing objects from Enscape in custom assets? If there is any kind of workaround, for example that we export an object and then import to custom asset to remodel it?

    thank you for anwering :)

  • Hi tjasak

    There are many sites that offer (paid) models that can be imported into our Custom Asset Library, you can find the supported file types here.

    Please keep in mind that anything above 20.000 polygons/vertices may cause issues.

    There is no way to export our existing Assets to import and scale/remodel these in our Custom Asset Library.

    We realized that many users requested to be able to change some aspects of the Enscape Assets.

    Some ask for material changes, others for size, orientation or animation.

    But due to internal reasons (that are also tied to legal questions) we decided against providing the capability to change the provided Enscape Assets freely.

    We hope you can understand this.

    However I have added your vote for asset scaling in ArchiCAD.

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    is there a way we can be exporting an enscape asset and re-importing the asset to be scaling the object? such as the trees, to be changing the size to allow for varying maturities

    As elaborated by my colleague just above, that is not currently possible I'm afraid. Your Feedback will be forwarded accordingly though.

  • But due to internal reasons (that are also tied to legal questions) we decided against providing the capability to change the provided Enscape Assets freely.

    Would it be possible to give some more context to this? What are those legal questions that seem to prevent you from offering customizations on assets?

    I understand a small portion of the Enscape assets are not authored by Enscape but licensed from Evermotion and others, so I could understand you might need to clear things up with them on what users are allowed/not allowed to do on those particular assets. But for the vast majority of the content, it would seem that you hold all the rights, and thus get to decided what can and cannot be done?

    It's definitely in the top 3 most common requests in the forum, and for our office it's a critical feature request. If we know asset material customizations are completely off the table, it means we will need to reevaluate our workflows in the long term. Because regardless of what Enscape can or cannot do, this is what clients are increasingly expecting us to do.

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    Hi Pieter,

    we are well aware of the criticality/value of this request.

    You are right, the legal questions are mainly tied to the external providers that we work with for some vegetation and people. Clearing things up with them was not possible, I'm afraid. We tried that in the past.

    I hope you can understand that right now we do not want to provide a possibility to export our assets to a format that allows to distribute the content freely to the outside world. But we definitely want to provide a possibility to you all to tweak the assets to a specific grade to provide more variety in your designs.

    There are a lot of things we are considering or working on right now (resizing, exchanging materials, switching colors, different seasons, switched on/off lights).

    But due to the fact that this all needs to happen within Enscape, a definition and implementation of a new Asset file format (that is also compatible with older Enscape versions) is the first step to head in that direction. The second step would then be to provide the tooling within the plug-in. And then, finally, creating/adapting the Assets.

    Don't get me wrong: We know that this request would be easier to solve if we would 'just' provide our Assets in common file format. But that will not happen from what we currently know and plan.

    The topic is a rolling stone and it is something that we plan to release in the next year.



  • Thanks for the detailed replied. I 100% understand why you can't allow exporting the standard asset to other programs. I agree that supporting these modifications inside Enscape is the logical approach, and understand that will take some time to support properly. But if done correctly, it will be a far more convenient workflow than having to export content out, edit it, and import it back in, especially for operations like "swap a material".

    A question regarding the 'asset scaling' that's on the 3.2 roadmap. Some programs (Revit comes to mind) don't really allow for scaling of individual instances of an asset. How are you thinking of addressing this? Also, we often change the Revit category of assets (this is critical for documentation), but that disables scaling in Revit. How will that be handled?

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    Good question (that we discussed excessively).

    In the first iteration that we will release with 3.2, we will only provide the tools that are also native to the respective host software.

    During development, we already found some ways to potentially bypass the limited tooling in some CADs. But as we (as a company) have never done something like this before and bypassing the transformation functions of the host could lead to unwanted or even bad results, we prefer to provide a stable tooling at first and then expand it if we find suitable ways to do so.

  • Sounds like a good plan to me :)

    It's very much appreciated that you are being careful when it comes to anything that has the potential to modify the CAD model/file :)

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    Would highly appreciate any developments on this issue since we are in the process of leaving sketchup entirely and working only in Archicad.

    As correctly stated just above by tjasak , you can now do that natively through Enscape with version 3.2 and any version onwards! If you experience any problems with that or wish to share any improvement suggestions and so forth let us know.

    And also, feel free to check out our dedicated knowledgebase article entree for this specific topic here:…base/asset_placement/#APS

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    Ah! Good to hear! Unfortunately Archicad 25 crashes when I try to place assets from Enscape 3.2 so I had to downgrade to 3.1 untill that issue is solved.

    Sorry to hear that!

    I cannot find any Feedback Reports tied to your Forum e-mail. So if you haven't send us one yet to troubleshoot the cause behind this problem, please do so as detailed here and we can happily assist you further so that you can also use the new functions in 3.2:…sing-the-feedback-button/

    Plus, we also released a dedicated 3.2 hotfix just a few weeks ago - You may have not tried that one yet, so feel free to give it another shot even before sending the report by using the latest installer found here!

  • Thanks! I just sent one but it was from 3.1. I will try to replicate the issue if I got time today with 3.2 again and send a report from there.

  • Ah! Good to hear! Unfortunately Archicad 25 crashes when I try to place assets from Enscape 3.2 so I had to downgrade to 3.1 untill that issue is solved.

    Hi! My Archicad 25 (the latest 4013 update) was also crashing with 3.2 version, but then I updated to the latest one ( 3.2.0+65063) and it works perfectly. If you haven´t tried the latest 3.2 version, try, maybe it won´t crash anymore.