Upcoming Chaos License Merger

Please note: Should you experience issues with Enscape or your subscription, and in case of any urgent inquiries/questions (e.g. regarding our upcoming licensing changes) please reach out to our dedicated support team via the Help Center or Support button as detailed here.
  • Regarding the email we received about the license changes coming with 4.1 in Q3, is the floating license model affected? For example, will l need to change the way our users currently access the product? Right now I deploy a license file to their computer and the users don't need to think about anything license related.

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    Hi BSG , allow me to re-share a part of the e-mail we have sent out and add some details alongside:


    Installation and Activation

    • Product activation will be done through sign-in, and license keys will no longer be needed for product activation.
    • Activation of older versions of Enscape will remain accessible either through a license key or by using username credentials.
    • Existing license keys will still be available and functional on existing Enscape installations connected to previous versions of the software.

    All important information and details regarding the Chaos license server setup and installation can be found here.

    Which means that you will not have to rely on any specific keys to input manually anymore but instead this is managed via the Chaos license server.

    Additional details to refer to when it comes to this adjustment can be found here:

    When it comes to the actual interface and assigning a license to each machine you can check out an example here:

    After 4.1 has been released, we will offer additional information on top of that and you can also always reach out to our licensing team directly via our help center/support button in case you ever have any more specific questions or experience problems with this in the future. We will be happy to assist you from there.

  • To clarify:

    1. Currently we can paste the Enscape license key onto a machine, which allows any user on that computer to use Enscape. That is going away, correct?

    2. Currently we can also get an Enscape license by signing into an Enscape account from within Revit. Will that go away?

    3. Will all Enscape customers need to install the Chaos License Server software on a local computer/server in order to use Enscape?


  • To my understanding, you must use the Chaos license server beginning with 4.1, whether that be locally on each user's machine or on a server. Gone are the days of simply injecting your license key into the registry with your install script.

    This is annoying as we now have to stand up a license server to host our floating licenses. Our choices appear to be "use a license server and point your Enscape installations towards it" or "give your users your Chaos account info so they can sign into the Chaos license server".

    Option two would open up a potential security issue that we're not going to risk, so that's not an option, as there doesn't appear to be a method of provisioning individual Chaos accounts for each user that can use our "pool" of licenses.

    Both options are not ideal, as remote users will now be dependent on our VPN to check out an Enscape license, when this was not an issue before, but at least hosting a license server shouldn't change the behavior a user would see, even if it is an outdated practice.

    From the IT side, we're not super happy with the way Chaos has handled the Enscape acquisition. The installation process is nowhere near as simple as it used to be and starting with 4.0, the package has more than tripled in size with the Chaos components.

    It also doesn't help that Enscape is essentially broken with RTX 40 series GPUs, and downgrading to 3.5.6 isn't necessarily an option when you're using SketchUp 2024. The devs are "working on it", but that doesn't really help our visualization folks out that much, especially when you have tight deadlines to meet.

    Hopefully things get better from here, but we're going to miss the "old" Enscape.

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    Hey colin@SRA
    1. Yes, Enscape 4.1 does not use license keys anymore. Instead it requires a login with your Chaos Account (or your existing Enscape account). Alternatively, Install the Chaos License Server on a centralized machine in your office network, which is accessible by every user, then authenticate it with your Chaos Account that holds your floating licenses.

    Enscape users (or your IT administrator) within your network simply need to configure their copy of Enscape to connect to the License Server, which can be done during installation or with an external utility, which is installed alongside Enscape.

    For more information, see the documentation.

    2. I assume you're referring to activating your Enscape license by signing into an Enscape Account from within the Enscape toolbar in Revit? This should stay the same as is, including the same credentials being valid. Did I get this right?
    3. The license server is installed and started by the Enscape installer so they shouldn't need to install anything but Enscape. If they are using single fixed license they'll need just to sign into their Chaos account.

    I hope this helps!

  • We don’t run a Chaos license server locally and have no interest in spinning up a dedicated server VM to do so, which would also require our remote users to access it via VPN. Will there be an option to activate and manage our pooled Enscape licenses via the web like all other software developers these days, or is the ultimate plan to eliminate pooled licensing altogether? This will definitely impact our decision to use Enscape versus other rendering options. D5Render runs well on the most recent spec machines we are purchasing which has been the primary impediment to its use in our office.

  • Thanks Kaj,

    Although I am still confused:

    I received conflicting information from Enscape support about sign-in from within Revit. I am trying to clarify with them...

    I do not want to set up an entire server in our office just to handle Enscape licenses.

  • I am still confused:

    I received confirmation from Enscape Support that signing into an Enscape Account from the Revit toolbar will NOT be possible with Enscape 4.1.

    Specifically, the process shown in this screenshot will no longer work:

    From Enscape Support:

    "This will no longer be an option. You will be able to log in through Revit to the Chaos license server page but the Chaos license server must be installed locally on the machine that wants to use Enscape.

    Your other option is to install the Chaos license server on a dedicated server machine then configure all users to obtain the license from that server. Users must have local network access to the server machine."

    This seems to say that anyone working remotely will no longer be able to use Enscape, since they will not be able to connect to an in-office Chaos License server?

    Maybe Enscape could provide a short video showing how licenses will work on individual computers using Enscape 4.1?

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    Hi colin@SRA , and thanks for your further posts and inquiry here.

    You have received the same reply via your already existing open support case (yesterday) but just to ensure this is also shared openly here if anyone has a similar concern:

    This seems to say that anyone working remotely will no longer be able to use Enscape, since they will not be able to connect to an in-office Chaos License server?

    Remote users will be able to use Enscape licenses provided that they have access to a Chaos license server and an account that holds Enscape licenses.

    Users that do not have access to an in house license server will have to install it and activate it locally on their machines. They can use the admin email and password to log in to the Chaos license server or the admin can assign a dedicated license to that person and they can activate the server using their own credentials.

    When it comes to the actual setup once more, please also feel free to refer to this help article here. In case of additional concerns or questions, please ideally just reach out to our support team once again like you've done prior and we will gladly assist you further.

  • Hi Demian Gutberlet!

    I got a key license from the Enscape for All contest, I used it to install 4.1 preview 5, which is fine, but installing preview 6, 7 does not accept this license. Tell me how to fix it

    Thank you very much!

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    Hi Demian Gutberlet!

    I got a key license from the Enscape for All contest, I used it to install 4.1 preview 5, which is fine, but installing preview 6, 7 does not accept this license. Tell me how to fix it

    Thank you very much!

    Hi KEIHOUSE ARCHI , thanks a lot for your post - Please kindly check your direct messages here in this Forum as I've just sent you a corresponding reply. :)

  • You mentioned that users can ' use the admin email and password to log in to the Chaos license server' are we able to deploy the admin user name and password as part of a software deployment if we want to automat the login process? I would hate to give users the admin credentials or have to have IT remote in and enter the credentials for each user.