Render Lines out with Enscape, like a wireframe.

  • Maarsso you have to

    • Activate the rendering style "White Mode" in the general tab of the Enscape settings
    • Use the "Outline" slider to find the line width of your choice

    There's currently no way to use material overrides of the graphics tab.

  • I love Enscape´s outlines feature (!!!! :thumbup:), however it is not able to deliver the necessary or also wanted lines and so it remains graphically nice only so far (1st screenshot below).

    Screenshot 2 shows a rendered SubD subdivided model render, done as an AO render in Shaderlight. These Kind of lines are are even further away from what is possible within Enscape which wouldn't be a problem, because SketchUp alone does it very well and a need for any redundant repetition in Enscape is not necessary from my point of view.

    But :

    By now we only have the chance to use SkUp´s (hidden-) line view options which must be combined in image processing later (which of course only works if the so important view synchronization will work sometime)...

  • I just like to add another example for this extremely important topic of view synchronization which is the only primary requirement!!

    - this kind of graphical processing is not unusual in the architectural scene - if you ask me, often even better than the many colorful renderings (at least as far as they are mine ;)) [example below again AO-rendered in Shaderlight and combined with SkUp lines export 1 to 1 in Photoshop]

  • I placed it in white mode, adjusted the lines to where I liked, made my background white, slid the saturation slider all the way to grayscale and blasted the exposure and turned up the lux on my background for brighter lighting. I wonder if texturing everything with a white emmissive light and turning on the lines all the way will give you just the lines?

  • ... rather not because, no matter what you do, Enscape only outlines where there are real geometry breaks.
    Geometry boundaries that remain coplanar in a surface don´t get considered.

    I'd like to emphasize again that I love this feature the way it is - yet, it doesn't replace the necessary and superior options that native SketchUp already provides

    Enscapes Outline system is wonderful for a quick sketch, or to suggest detailings or similar - wonderful so. But it is not suitable to produce a controlled graphically differentiated output (see my last example above).

    By the way - the last example above it created in 2-Point-Perspective in SkUp !!! Also this setting MUST be correctly restored within Enscape - sometime in the future and not right away now of course ;);)

  • Here's an image I made with v-ray.
    If you added an 'outline' and 'don't override in white mode' checkbox then this would be achievable in Enscape.
    As others have said, adding these couple basic features would add lots of functionality.
    I believe these settings would create a large advantage over Lumion.

    **Edit: I am proposing these 'outline' and 'don't override in white mode' settings be added to every material**

  • hi - thanks, but could you please explain to me what "don't override in white mode' checkbox" is or means?

    and if it would work at my office workstation with 2 giant screens in use, how could I reproduce exactly the same result on the weekend at home where I can only use any other notebook?
    Or would my colleagues simultaneously be able to produce alternative material- or color variants this way, which are exactly the same although each colleague uses his own SkUp Viewprt setup and monitor equipment?

    ;) This is a so crucial question for me and we are not yet in the position to solve exactly this necessary workflow issue...

  • EGIE - this render is not currently possible in Enscape. I can instruct you about achieving this effect in V-Ray, in which case your colleagues and you could exchange materials and you could work offline/at home no problem, with any software and with all types of computers.

    HOWEVER it could be possible in Enscape, only we would need two more material settings.
    We need a checkbox to add outlines to an individual materials.
    We need a checkbox to allow specific materials to be displayed while in white mode.

    These are two very powerful settings which allow for a large variety of architectural graphics.

  • Maarsso you have to

    • Activate the rendering style "White Mode" in the general tab of the Enscape settings
    • Use the "Outline" slider to find the line width of your choice

    Almost every other renderer has options for outline modes.
    I'd encourage you all to add fine-tuned settings for yours.
    Here's a video analyzing this in another application:

  • sketchup lines in enscape...

    composite the hidden line drawing out of sketchup and composite into an enscape render.

    set sketchup 2d export to screen - match views in enscape and set capture to screen in enscape also.

    limited by screen resolution and takes extra steps to composite in photoshop.

    the lines were made in autocad and placed on the correct elevations.